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What We Do?

Our goal is to keep the ship in operation to acquire and fix their everyday needs, and with our special products we are here to keep maintenance down and costs low in order to keep the ship in operation year-round.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum, providing equipment to shipowners 24/7 around the world.

Our strength is that we can assist you from start to finish. WWS have the equipment to services pier space, and longer storage to simple bolts and screws needed aboard.

World Wide Shipservice have a large collection of products and services that we can provide. WWS have everything from standard tools, special equipment that solves your common problems. Contact us and we will find a solution to your challanges. WWS offer fast and reliable services without any costly intermediaries.

Let us help you have a ship in operation with the best solutions, and easy acesess to a large network with one contact person. Less maintenance and more efficient operations.